Welcome to my, Martyn Watton, photography site. This is a total overhaul of my previous site which had been given minor upgrades, but had gotten into a state where I decided to scrap that version.
I will be adding new photos here often, but for photos taken pre 2012 (pre dating July 2011), they will be left on what is left of the old site, which you can view them at (It might not work). With this new version of the site I plan to overview each picture to decided whether it gets on or not, and also personally caption each pictures aproximate location, time and what is happening in and around it. This should bring a better portfolio of my photography for you to view and explore.

I personally favour nature (enviromental) and still life photography, generally in the area of landscapes. I enjoy these subjects most, hence why most of the photos here are landscapes, but often with people in, but not as the subject. My most common subjects are natural landscapes, water, in the form of rivers etc., animals and buildings.